Meet the Vaulta team

Dominic Spooner, the founder of Vaulta


Dominic Spooner founded Vaulta with the core mission to make commercial battery use more efficient, cost-friendly and sustainable. Dominic has over 12 years experience as a design engineer, and has worked in a range of industries including renewables and batteries, defence and aerospace, consumer products, commercial products and startups.
Kelly Correll, Procurement & Supply Chain Coordinator

Kelly Correll

Procurement & Supply Chain Coordinator
Supply chain pro with a passion for helping optimise efficiencies. Loves spending time with family and strives to be present in everything she does.
Jerome Douven


Mechanical engineer with a passion for batteries and renewable energy, enjoys exploring the great outdoors through biking, camping, and running.
Eren, Testing Engineer - Megatronics

Eren Nik

Testing Engineer - Mechatronics
Experienced engineer with insight in energy storage systems and testing. Systematic problem solver. Inspired by family and the spirit of volleyball.
Sergio - Operation Assistant

Sergio Jimenez

Entrepreneur and marketer with a background in logistics. With a big passion for learning and enjoying the little moments.
Ross - Design Engineer

Ross Hooper

Industrial Designer
Design engineer with a background in designing consumer products for manufacture. When not in the office, you'll find him surfing,
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