Vaulta Wins Gold at the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards

Vaulta founder Dominic Spooner with his wife Naomi, holding the Good Design Award

Vaulta has clinched gold at the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards Ceremony in Melbourne on Friday, September 8.

Having last year nabbed the 2022 Australian Good Design Award for Sustainability, Vaulta added to the trophy cabinet by taking home the Gold Award for Excellence in Engineering Design. 

The Australian Good Design Awards put a spotlight on the best design and innovation across the country, and the Engineering Design category casts a wide net, covering disciplines including mechanical and electronic design, civil engineering, automotive engineering, and structural engineering. 

The jury, with an eye for holistic design approaches that improve lives and contribute to a better world, acknowledged Vaulta’s steadfast commitment to innovation.

Vaulta chief executive Dominic Spooner said being recognised by the premier design awards in Australia was another great milestone for the company. 

“This was a team effort by Vaulta. While awards aren’t our sole motivation, it’s great to see our dedication acknowledged,” he said. 

“Thank you to Good Design Australia for recognising our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Vaulta’s award-winning stationary storage lithium battery packs are proudly Australian-made, featuring patented casing technology. This design innovation sets the brand apart, with the batteries being engineered for cell-level repair, re-use, and recycling. 

Versatile and adaptable, Vaulta’s solutions cater to residential, light commercial, and telco site installations, serving both off-grid and grid-connected energy storage needs.

The Australian Good Design Awards provide a global platform for the very best in design and innovation, highlighting design’s transformative influence on shaping a brighter future. 

Vaulta’s award-winning recognition further underscores our commitment to the following principles:

  • Form: Ensuring designs are visually resolved and responsive to their environment from visual, contextual, and cultural perspectives.
  • Function: Guaranteeing designs fulfil their intended purpose effectively and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Safety: Prioritising safety in the design, compliance with safety standards, and safeguards against unintentional use.
  • Quality: Upholding high construction standards and quality that align with the intended price point and investment.
  • Commerciality: Representing good value for money, increasing brand value, and contributing to positive economic and social returns on investment through design.

For more information on Vaulta’s award-winning solutions and our commitment to a sustainable future, visit Good Design’s Award Page.

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