Pole Position Assured As Global Battery Manufacturer Signs New Deal With Battery Casing Company

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Australian battery casing company, Vaulta, is aiming for pole position as it begins work with the global manufacturer of lithium batteries used in the fastest cars in the world, including Aussie V8 Supercars.

The Brisbane-based company has just signed a memorandum of understanding to pair Vaulta’s ground-breaking cell casing technology with three Canadian companies focused on battery energy solutions and the development of creative applications for graphene.

Vaulta (Battery Graphene Corp Pty Ltd) will work with Braille Energy Systems Inc. (BESI), Focus Graphite Inc. and Grafoid Inc. to conduct market analysis to identify new sectors of interest and co-developed projects.

Braille Energy Systems, which is working on solutions for electric vehicles and avionics and marine, currently produces lithium batteries that are used in the best performance cars in the world.

Vaulta founder Dominic Spooner has worked to create a shift in battery casing technology that reduces the number of parts needed to house the batteries used in electric vehicles from about 20 down to just a few.

“I’m excited that our new battery casings will be used to help propel cars at speeds of up to more than 500kmh,” Spooner said.

“Braille is a world leader in the battery space, particularly when it comes to high performance motor vehicles.

“The lightness of our innovative casings, combined with their strength and thermal and electrical conductive qualities, will be a real asset in these batteries.

“Importantly, our casings also are designed to be more reusable and to reduce waste, and this will work well with both the current, premium products that Braille, Focus and Grafoid are renowned for, as well as the unique assets they’re developing for future use in electric vehicles and planes.”

Vaulta’s battery casings will be tested in the world’s fastest drag racers as a proof of concept to gauge how final products can be used in the real world.

Braille Battery is currently the lithium battery of choice used in US IndyCar and Indy Lights, SuperGT and Australian V8 Supercars, along with a large majority of the prototypes and factory GT cars in the IMSA WeatherTech sports car series. It is also a supplier to top teams in NASCAR, Open Wheel, Drag Racing, Rally, Sports Car Club of America, US National Auto Sport Association, Drifting, Motorcycle and all levels of competition on both two and four wheels

BESI plans to expand its market penetration into a wider range of market segments that require lightweight, high-performing energy solutions, using the most scientifically advanced materials.

BESI President and CEO, Lindsay Weatherdon said: “We are very pleased to sign this important MOU with Vaulta battery casing technology. Combined with our reputation and commitment to providing our customers with high quality battery solutions, this partnership will continue to set Braille up as a market leader for years to come. Vaulta’s battery casing technology will also deliver savings in manufacturing costs, weight and space to utilise in a wide range of applications, while greatly increasing efficiencies in safety and workforce deployment.

“Additionally, this partnership provides an opportunity to leverage the resources, strengths and talent of both companies to advance our clean energy technology within the battery market.”

Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development and investment company that invests in, manages and develops markets for processes that produce economically scalable graphene for use in graphene development applications by leading corporations and institutions.

Focus Graphite Inc. is an advanced exploration company with an objective of producing flake graphite concentrate at its wholly owned Lac Knife flake graphite deposit located 27 km south of Fermont, Québec, Canada.

Grafoid CEO and Focus Graphite CEO Marc Roy said: “We are very pleased to sign this important MOU with Vaulta to advance battery technologies, which provides an opportunity to leverage the resources, strengths and talent of the collective companies.”

“By working with Vaulta and Braille, Focus Graphite is reinforcing its commitment to a lower-emission, cleaner future utilising our graphite resources to power the next-generation of electric vehicles and other end markets.”

Vaulta is a battery casing technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Its world-first design allows those building batteries to save money, time, weight and space to utilise in a range of vehicles, while greatly increasing efficiencies in safety and workforce deployment.

Spooner saw an opportunity to reinvigorate battery casing design which had languished. The new designs, made to fit customers’ requirements, use a unique blend of graphene and polymer.

These ingredients, along with other composites, allows for dramatic improvements in weight, strength and thermal and electrical conductivity.

A reduction in the number of parts and the size also delivers a greatly reduced cost to market as well as greater opportunity for reuse and recycling of parts.


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